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I support a re-visioning of learning.  I support classroom experiences that empower students and their communities through civic engaged digital storytelling approaches to curriculum that engage students to reach state learning standards.



2016 Fulbright Project Blog

I’m a Teacher & Curriculum/Media Arts Coordinator (2008-present) at Gordon Parks High School in St. Paul, Minnesota.  I promote an approach to curriculum, and ultimately a complete revision of the school experience, that infuses community-based, civic engaged digital storytelling in all subject areas.


This is a personal website. All views and information presented herein are my own and do not represent the views of the Fulbright Program or the U.S. Department of State.

Video Volunteers’ Smartphone-based Production Training

Last weekend, Video Volunteers sponsored and produced a free training for people in Goa about Community Media-style production on Smartphone devices.  The training provided a spectrum of information, ranging from film production processes to social media promotion of... read more

“The Teacher Wars” and writing about what you know

In college I wanted to be a Writer. I pursued a degree in Creative Non-Fiction and hedged my bet with a minor in Secondary Education. I had great teachers: Heide Erdrich, Lon Otto, and Brenda Powell. I had memorable entry level jobs, like when I camped out for a whole... read more

Venturing Out

Click the map for an interactive Google Map experience After a month or so of observing, researching and interviewing with Video Volunteers main office in Goa, I am now journeying out to visit field offices, trainings and Community Correspondents in different regions.... read more

The Riverside Center, Ahmedabad Gujarat

The Riverside Center Not long after arriving in Goa, I met a designer named Avik who suggested I check out The Riverside Center if I ever had the chance of being in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.  On March 10-11th I was able to meet with a few staff members to conduct interviews... read more

Crossing Curriculum Trails in India

Rethinking Schools is a publisher and advocacy organization whose mission I admire, and is an important source of curriculum in the United States. I learned of their work at a Social Justice Curriculum Fair in Chicago in 2014, and upon my return to GPHS, worked with... read more

First report from India

I have been in Goa for exactly 24 days and India for nearly a month.  Within that time, I’ve nearly filled a journal with notes and made hundreds of photos.  My clothes and shoes are covered in red Goan dust from all the roads I’ve traveled getting... read more

History of Fulbright

I’m beyond thrilled to be a participant in the Fulbright program.  A lot of people have asked me for information about the origins of the Fulbright Program, so my first blog will focus on that. FULLBRIGHT... read more

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