CEDS Funding Strategies via Title I

Like all approaches to curriculum, you need funding in order to have the space and support needed for CEDS learning experiences.  Title I funding is a source of support for engaging literacy and math application opportunities like CEDS.


Assume that there is not a budget line for what you need.   After exploring obvious options of grants, General Instructional Fund and partnerships, many American schools qualify for Title I dollars to pay for literacy and math instructional materials. Since CEDS activities create authentic and real math and writing opportunities, it is a viable expenditure.  Schools can fund the purchase of CEDS gear (cameras, software, audio recording devices) through Title I by making the case that these activities create hands on, engaging, authentic literacy and math experiences, thereby driving student participation in these activities.  Without engagement, even the most ornate strategies will run out of momentum.


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June 1, 2016