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T-Shirts & ID Badges

IndiaUnheard badge

Susanti after receiving her Community Correspondent, IndiaUnheard badge.

T-shirts and ID badges create “rights of passage” during the CEDS process.  In the Transitions project, we used t-shirts of the project logo.  When a student completed their first film, they received a t-shirt.  As the project advanced, we began gifting t-shirts to public officials that we interviewed.  Instructors also became more flexible with the t-shirts, giving them as motivational gifts to students who participated in an aspect of the filmmaking process, but were struggling to stay motivated in school.

The t-shirts played a considerable role with the community identity of the project.  That energy motivated students, gave them a sense of belonging and created a currency of sorts in the class.  VV’s IndiaUnheard program uses badges as a form of auIMG_5005thorization.


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June 1, 2016