Artists-in-Residence & Alumni Tutors

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Artists-in-Residence & Alumni Tutors:

Schools that have interest in CEDS but lack digital media production skills should consider implementing Alumni Tutor or Artists-in-Residence programs.  These programs are affordable and realistic alternatives to expensive and ineffective teacher PD, and have additional positive impacts on school culture.

Alumni tutors are graduates who return to their Alma Mater and minimum of three years after graduation, and are paid a modest stipend to augment instruction.  They bring awareness of the school teachers and culture, as well as strategic skills like digital production and editing.  These alumni assist with CEDS workflow, editing, completing transcriptions, editing and even interview solicitations.  They also provide mentorship and positive role models in class situations, and support teacher classroom management.

Artists-in-Residence are non-alumni digital media producers whose roles are identical to Alumni Tutors. However they are hired when Alumni Tutors aren’t available or when more specialized skills are needed.  Artists-in-Residence typically work in short term assignments.

Both part time programs were paid hourly, and we used a computer-based sign in program at the entrance of the building.  Our existing payroll clerk handled their paperwork and all additional data elements of their work.  The principal and Curriculum Coordinator managed their day-to-day duties.


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June 1, 2016