Authentic Writing Within the Film Production Process

Authentic Writing

CEDS learning experiences involving production create numerous opportunities for authentic writing.  These practical writing activities will capture the interest of some students that aren’t inspired by stand alone writing prompts in more traditional classrooms.  As students get deeper into the CEDS process, they learn the organizational and creative benefits of writing.  Students that aren’t motivated by a grade, see the benefits of good writing outside of pleasing the teacher, getting the grade.  For example, their open ended question writing resulted in details responses from an interview subject, versus the “Yes/No” responses they received previously.  For some, this may be the first practical writing they’ve ever done in the school setting.

Examples of such writing assignments involved in CEDS projects include: script writing, b-roll descriptions, treatments, storyboards, voice over script, interview questions, transcription.

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June 1, 2016