Issue Films & Impact Films

Issue Films and Impact Films


Video Volunteers CC Shambu Khatik in action.

VV’s model of separating the planning and production processes for “Issue Films” and “Impact Films” is useful in the school setting as a way to specifically align with standards and narrow scope.  A narrowed scope is important, because CEDS classes are overlaying learning standards with multi-faceted real social issues.

Furthermore, the separation of Issue and Impact also differentiates the model of a community media-type story from a mainstream documentary film that typically encapsulates the entire story arc.

For the CEDS teacher, process is more important than product.  So, separating the Issue Film from the Impact also emphasizes the civic process and that not all films will reach the Impact Film stage.  Participating in democracy about more than getting your way, its about contributing your voice to influencing social policy.


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June 1, 2016